Convert a 2011 Mac mini to a ghetto iMac.

Lets get started!

Well first you need your mac mini or you can get one here

I used a Maccuff Mini to attach the mac mini to my monitor.

First I had to pop the rubber coverings on the VESA screw holes.

Then attach the MacCuffMini using the supplied flat head screws.

Slide the mac mini into the MacCuffMini.

Attach the supplied HDMI to DVI cable to the mac mini and the monitor.

To  supply sound to my monitors I used a Retrak headphone cable attached with a Scotch double sided tape square

Attach a 1 foot monitor power cableto the monitor.

I wanted to put some side mounted USB ports so I got a Plugable USB Hub and attached it with some Scotch velcro squares

Attached  to the monitor.

I then attached the USB hub’s AC adapter to the monitor using the double sided tape squares.

Connect the supplied USB cable to the USB hub.

Connect the USB cable from the hub to the mac and connect the mac’s power cord as show below:

I used a Zip Tie Base and a Ziptie to neatly attach the mac’s power cable to the monitor.

To power everything with a single cable I used a Power Cord Splitter so I could power  everything with a single power cable.

Connect one of the AC cord splitters connectors  into the USB Hub’s AC adapter.

Connect the Mac Mini’s Power cable to another AC Cord splitter connection.

Connect the monitors power cable to a AC cord splitter connection and main end of the splitter
to a extension cable.

Some additional cable management.

Extend extension cord through monitor’s cable management.

The completed ghetto iMac.

In case I need help defending myself from Apple’s Lawyers please consider donating.